About us

Tailored Values is a boutique consulting company that focuses on enhancing employee engagement thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

With expertise in hospitality, retail, luxury and finance industries, and working side by side, we add value to your human capital pool by supporting you in the following areas:

  • Corporate culture analysis and optimization improving internal communication
  • Leadership skills development support
  • Operational training and support to align service quality and values
  • Executive search based on the personality fit of your future colleague with your company values

Corporate Values Analysis and Optimisation

From top management to front-line employees, it is crucial that all stakeholders identify with a coherent branding strategy. Our advisory services will assist you in carrying out an initial corporate culture audit at all levels of the organisation. This information is essential to then implement the desired company culture, with clear and harmonious values throughout the organisation, increasing productivity and reducing turnover thanks to an overall greater commitment to your organization.

Operational and Training Support

Peak periods or major projects that need to be completed within a clear deadline often generate a heavy workload for managers in hospitality organizations. Tailored Values offers operational and training support customized to fit your specific corporate culture, employing tools that prove responsive to your particular needs for the required period. For emerging brands in the industry, our expertise covers the pre-opening and opening phases, providing guidance in the coordination of training activities and in the definition of the operational implications relevant to your particular concept.

Leadership Skills Development

Your human capital can make or break your customer’s experience. Strong and inspirational leaders from varying generations that contribute positively to your company’s goals, are hard to find and even harder to keep. By combining various tools, we guide you in the process of identifying your training needs. We then work closely with team as well as with the managers to understand and optimize their motivation and allow them to fully use their specific skill set to achieve the best results all round. Enhancing talent management furthermore allows an organisation’s optimal succession planning thereby enhancing its sustainability.

International Executive Search

Tailored Values assists you in the acquisition of the right Talent to fit both your operational needs and corporate culture to ensure an optimal long-term relationship. Our in-depth analysis of the company culture prior to starting the search, allows us to identify a “right-fit” from the start of the candidate interviewing process. Our strong and well developed network and experience within hospitality, luxury, retail and finance globally allow us to have an excellent understanding of the technical aspect behind a wide variety of roles, in addition to the soft-skills required to succeed within your particular company. Tailored Values ensures a confirmed sense of ethics and confidentiality in every mission.

I had the best training sessions ever... When I think about Bertrand, I can just say: "The reward for a work well done is the opportunity to do more." (Dr. Jonas Salk)

Armani Hotel Dubai

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Bertrand. His genuine smile and passion will always be remembered through the future trainings we will be conducting at the hotel.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Bertrand has been a true mentor for me as he supported me and helped me to find my way in the business.

Julien Rossier, Student EMBA Program

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Bertrand immediately noticed my strong passion for well-being and suggested me to follow a career in the world of spa. He helped me to get in contact with the leaders of the Wellness sector and to build strong connections with the right people. The result is that I am working now as a Spa Manager in one of the leading Italian spa resorts.

Natalia Vashchenko, Student EMBA Program

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Bertrand is "detail-minded" and very good in identifying areas of improvement (performance evaluation for the cabin crew members, for example).

Sandrine Montel, Senior Manager

SWISS International Air Lines

Bertrand can easily adapt his language level. He very well understands the challenge it represents to manage people coming from another culture/generation.

Sandrine Montel, Senior Manager

SWISS International Air Lines

The most striking achievement was your ability to get us to a point of determining a vision and identifying core values without having to comply with the status quo corporate statements.

Simon Coombs, President & CEO

Shaza Hotels

Bertrand Willi

It is since the earliest stage of his life that Bertrand Willi demonstrated a passion for hospitality.

After graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland) in January 2000, he joined Hyatt International Corporation, first as a Corporate Trainee at the Grand Hyatt Amman (Jordan), then as a Regional Operations Analyst for France, Spain, Belgium, and Morocco, based in Paris, and finally as a Marketing Manager Strategy for Europe, Africa & Middle East in Lausanne. In 2004, Bertrand went back to the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) to set-up its Alumni Relations & Career Services unit.

The active alumni network of the world's oldest hotel school consists of 9000+ members from all generations, located all over the world. A wide range of services and communication solutions have been developed for them, as well as for all current and potential employers of EHL students and alumni. Transposing EHL's values and mission to internal and external stakeholders (Students, Alumni, Faculty and Industry) is a core expertise of Bertrand. He took part in numerous hospitality trade shows and hotel investment conferences in Europe, Asia and the Middle East as the representative of EHL.

After 10 years of professional experience, Bertrand Willi has decided to put his skills, knowledge and experience at the service of the hospitality industry as a freelancer. His areas of expertise range from brand and business development, staff engagement techniques (including Generation Y associates), executive search and operational / analytical support for hospitality organizations and service-oriented functions. While his professional language skills are English and French, he also has a good understanding of German and Italian, and has been exposed to the Arabic, Asian and African cultures.

Mandy Bronsil

“Today with a confirmed experience within the recruitment industry in Switzerland and internationally, I am contributing to Tailored Values’ Executive Search activities by identifying the optimal match between a person’s full potential, not merely their technical skills – and a company’s expectations today and for the future of their new colleague.”

Mandy is the founder of B-inspired Partners and has been active in the recruitment and executive search industry in Switzerland since 2009. She is passionate about people, and about finding what makes a person, a team or a company, unique. Building on her recruitment experience she collaborates closely with Tailored values to make that perfect match between company culture and personal values. She is originally Dutch and came to Switzerland for the Hotel School in Lausanne from which she graduated in 2006.


Future development

Serving in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, Tailored Values has experienced the wonders of different cultures across continents, all while remaining a self-owned business.
Immersed in the sector’s renowned dynamics and the ever-changing, short-term trends, Tailored Values is in the constant endeavor to providing the most innovative solutions by strategically anticipating to the industry’s future needs. In the venture to expand his current tools and reach an extended market, Bertrand Willi envisions to develop multifaceted services, complementing his expertise in the hospitality industry with supportive pillars around the world. Through partnerships or collaborations, Bertrand Willi remains open to exploring new opportunities in extended fields at an international level...